Dangers Of Hydrogenated Oil

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“After closely scrutinizing data from scientific studies and
reviews, many European countries have either banned
hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils altogether
or have instituted future dates for elimination of their use
in foods. These government actions concerning the trans
fatty acids (hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils)
is directly related to studies that link trans fatty acid
(hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oil) consumption
from processed foods to the development of diabetes, cancer
and cardiovascular disease.”
The New England Journal of Medicine, June 24, 1999
If you go into your pantry right now and pull out a prepackaged
product, any product, 90% chance that it will have Partially
Hydrogenated Oil
listed on it as one of the ingredients.
What is it and what is it used for? Hydrogenated Oil is used
in the food industry for the sole purpose of prolonging the
shelf life of processed foods or to put it bluntly – to maximize
profits. Hydrogenated oils are referred to as the Silent Killer.
Instead of getting too scientific,here are a few stats:
“Trans fat is responsible for at least 500 deaths from heart
disease in New York City each year alone.”
“At least 30,000 and as many as 100,000 cardiac deaths a
year in the United States could be prevented if people replaced
trans fat with healthier non hydrogenated polyunsaturated or
monounsaturated oils, according to a 1999 joint report by
researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and the
Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.”
Don’t become a statistic. READ your labels. Paying a few
dollars more for an item that doesn’t have hydrogenated oil
in it’s ingredients is worth it.

2 thoughts on “Dangers Of Hydrogenated Oil”

  1. irvin goldstein says:

    Starting January 1, 2006, all packaged foods must list trans fat content on their Nutrition Facts labels. This law is practically worthless, because if a single portion contains less than 0.5% trans fat, the label is allowed read “0% trans fats”. Also, the manufacturers reduced the single portion size, so that the label could read 0%, even though the amount of trans fats in the package are still the same. Another words, if the single portion size used to be 6 cookies, they reduced it to 3 cookies so that it contains less than .05%, and can be listed as 0% trans fats. Everyone should read the ingredients list to make sure that the product doesn’t contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil.

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